The Ultimate Gin Library- Achroous Gin


Distillery: The Tower Street Stillhouse, Leith, Edinburgh

Strength: 41%

Electric Spirit is an unusual name for a distillery in Leith, Edinburgh or anywhere else.  Leith in the ancient era of was different to Leith of now.  It is full of trendy bars and happy five star restaurants and one would say it is not a reminiscent of the past. 

Electric Spirit has named the gin Achroous and it is nicely packaged in a vivid orange bottle.  It is extracted from the Greek word ‘colourless’ and there is no other Scottish meaning behind it although it comes from Leith.  The distillery also created ‘Not another Effing Gin’ and good reviews can be found on the same.

The product designer, photographer and distiller the famous James Porteous from Electric Spirit is behind the Scottish craft distilling scene.  To come up with this distinctively spiced and complex gin, he has used juniper, coriander seed, orris root, liquorice root, angelica root, fennel seed and Sichuan peppercorns.  It was launched in 2015 and comes with attractive citrus and floral notes.  From inception the distillery was fortunate to sell the gin making a profit and they were able to shift into large and spacious premises.  With passing of time, they were also able to acquire a bigger Genio still from Poland.

The distillery is also equipped to produce Antidote gin for the proposed Port of Leith Distillery.  Long ago Leith was known to be a place for distillers and wine merchants.  The revival of an ancient craft is noteworthy and praiseworthy with the birth of a new generation and era.     

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